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Naturata Brutalismus (Ber)

Samstag 13.04.2024

Reithalle Strasse E
Werner-Hartmann-Strasse 2, Dresden.

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Formed in Nice in 1992 around Sébastien (vocals), Franck (guitar), Chrys (bass) and Roma (drums), Corpus Delicti's melodic, hard-hitting gothic rock immediately made an impact, with their debut album 'Twilight' (1993) becoming a benchmark for the genre. Fusing the best of post-punk with remarkable energy, creativity and melody, the band made a name for themselves abroad with a 10-date US tour and concerts in Europe. After two more perfect albums, they broke up in 1997.

But since then, thanks to a loyal community of fans connected all over the world, the cult around Corpus Delicti has continued to grow. In 2019, the American label Cleopatra signed the band for a series of reissues, and Corpus Delicti is now being rediscovered by a younger audience. They are regularly ranked in the Top 10 of gothic rock must-haves worldwide; the website Sens Critique even lists them as one of the 35 must-haves of the genre - the only French band cited alongside the likes of Cure, Bauhaus and Joy Division, stating that "their second album is a masterpiece of the genre"; the Italian music magazine Ascension refers to them as "an incredible mix between Bowie, Bauhaus and Christian Death", while they remain one of the only French band cited by the American reference site Postpunk.com as one of the essential artists of the genre! A comprehensive biography ("Corpus Delicti - La Déliquescence des ombres" by Tony Leduc-Gugnalons) was even published by French publisher Camion Blanc in 2011.

23 years after their split, and with their popularity growing all these years, the original quartet resumed rehearsals with the aim of returning to the stage. Unfortunately, the pandemic and Roma's health problems (osteoarthritis of the hands) decided otherwise... Finally, thanks to a new drummer (Laurent) and an improvement in the health situation, Corpus Delicti finally came back to life live, with a first sold-out concert on 7 May 2022 at the MJC Picaud in Cannes, bringing together fans from Mexico, Peru, England, Germany, Spain and Italy...

This memorable date kicked off an impressive series of sold-out concerts in front of conquered audiences: London (sold out 3 months before the date), Rome, Madrid, Athens, Paris (La Maroquinerie, captured on a video available on Youtube)... Not forgetting a Mexican tour in April 2023, during which the band received an incredible reception, culminating in a sold-out concert in Mexico City in front of 1,200 people, after a 3-hour signing session and hundreds of fans queuing in the street!
This was followed by major summer festivals in Germany, Portugal and Belgium, in front of thousands of people. Corpus Delicti's popularity earned them a deal with the Rocky Road Touring agency, allowing them to join their prestigious catalogue alongside the likes of The Sisters Of Mercy, Chameleons, Killing Joke and The Mission...
Since the reunion, the number of listens on streaming platforms has exceeded 2 millions a year!

Corpus Delicti still have a lot to say and live moments to share, so the future looks bright.

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Naturata Brutalismus is a Berlin-based project formed in 2020. Soundwise the band experiments with electronic infused Death Rock and Darkwave , bringing fresh blood to the dark scene through its experimental audio-visual approach.

An integral part of this artistic project is the stage lighting, which is designed to be completely synchronized with the sound of the live performance.

Naturata Brutalismus released their self-titled debut album in 2021 and their second full-length album ¨MANIFESTO¨ in 2023 with Bat-Cave productions.

Since 2020 they have released 6 singles/music videos and 3 experimental video pieces.

Currently, they are preparing a new show for their first US tour and composing new material for their third full-length album, which is going to be released in 2024.

Current Members:

Emilio Cordero Checa: Vocals, composition, lights and visuals
Almar David Haas: Guitar and arrangements